DevOps engineer living in Turkey. CV soon to be uploaded.
Europass language passport
Public GPG key


I like and use Scheme, Rust, Haskell, Python and C, and have a slight preference for statically and strongly typed functional languages.
My editor of choice is GNU Emacs.
I prefer RPN calculators.
I swear by the Dvorak layout, and prefer mechanical keyboards and trackballs.
Using Arch with awesome at home and Debian Buster with sway at work.
Will put up my dotfiles here at some point.


If you need or want to reach me, my main e-mail address is b64decode('ZXJraW5iYXR1QGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==').
On IRC, I use the nick e on EsperNet and erkin on FreeNode.