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4 Environment variables

ponysay supports the follow environment variables:


Under TTY (Linux VT), if the output is larger the the screen’s height, only the beginning is printed, leaving two blank lines. If you want the bottom to be printed rather the the beginning you can export PONYSAY_BOTTOM with the value yes, y or 1.


Under TTY (Linux VT), if the output is larger than the screen’s height, two lines are left blank. If you want more, or less, blank lines you can export PONYSAY_SHELL_LINES with the value of how many blank lines you want. Naturally this takes effect eve n if the output is not actually larger than the screen.


You can export PONYSAY_FULL_WIDTH with the value yes, y or 1, if you do not want the output to be truncated on the width to fit the terminal.


Export PONYSAY_TRUNCATE_HEIGHT with the value yes, y or 1, if you want to truncate the output on the height even if you are not running ponysay under TTY.


Export PONYSAY_UCS_ME with the value yes, y or 1, if you want [simulated] symlink to pony files using Universal Character Set in their names. Otherwise pony files uses only ASCII. If you want to remove the ASCII:ised names export PONYSAY_UCS_ME with the value harder, h or 2 instead.

If you have not enabled this, UCS names are not usable, suggested or listed. If you use yes UCS names will be usable, suggested and listed. If you use harder ASCII:ised names will not be suggested or listed, but they will still be usable.


PONYSAY_KMS_PALETTE or PONYSAY_KMS_PALETTE_CMD is used to tell ponysay how your TTY palette looks, this feature lets you get the best images in TTY if you have Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) support.

See KMS ponies for information on how to use this.


ponysay is able to auto correct misspelled pony names and balloon style name. Without consideration for transpositioning, the distance between two words are measured in the number of edits needed to get from one word to the other, with weighting on some character changes used to favour spellos over typos.

By default if the weighted distance is greater than 5 for the closest words, auto correction ignored. This limit can be changed by exporting the limit to PONYSAY_TYPO_LIMIT; setting the limit to zero will disable auto correction.


You can export what ponysay should use instead of a hyphen when wrapping messages. The hythen is red by default, if you want to change the colour or other formating, should should do so using the option --colour-hyphen (--colour-wrap).


Defines how long a word mush be to be hyphenated. This is used for to wrap words that are long so the output gets as pretty as possible. This s not the only condition under which a word can be hyphenated, it can also be hyphenated if the word cannot fit otherwise. The default value is 8.


Defines how much a word must exceed the wrapping point to be hyphenated. This setting is used togather with PONYSAY_WRAP_LIMIT. The default value is 5.

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